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  • Joey Wakeman

    Joey Wakeman

    I learn about personal finance and nutrition and then share what I learn with you. My YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPQ0j26CJwvAet7ihDUUbNA

  • Dr Ron Pol

    Dr Ron Pol

    Outcomes science, applied to life. Current main focus AML/CFT. Outcomes architect, loves engaging with open minds. See: https://bit.ly/3bj0Y3y

  • Renowahab


    I am a practitioner in the fields of design, photography and finance and want to combine art and business for people who like both interests

  • London Graves

    London Graves

    Queer vegan cryptid trying their best to survive late-stage capitalism while helping others do the same.

  • Joanne Reid

    Joanne Reid

    I’m a writer (https://joannereid.ca) and a dreamer in a constant state of self-improvement.

  • Daryl Bruce

    Daryl Bruce

    A freelance writer specializing in such topics as writing, productivity, self, politics, and LGBTQ+ issues. Visit him at: https://www.facebook.com/daryldbink/

  • David Henderson

    David Henderson

    David is an environmental philosopher who teaches at Western Carolina University in the southern Appalachian mountains.

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